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Foot and Ankle                

Plantar Fascitis

  Achilles Tendonitis

  Posterior Tibial Tendonitis                                         

These are inflammatory conditions that are often the result of overuse of the soft tissue structures in the foot. There is often an underlying structural issue with the foot that

increases the incidence of these problems occurring as the stresses placed on the foot are increased.

Therapy may include:

Night splints: Pain often occurs in the morning because of the position of the foot while sleeping. The Achilles tendon and plantar fascia may be in a shortened position all night so that upon

first standing in the morning the structures are suddenly stretched and an inflammatory process occurs. The use of an adjustable night splint allows the foot to be held in a position

to minimize this occurrence.

Support in Weight Bearing: Taping is initially used to unload the fascia, Achilles or posterior tibial tendon. We may also prescribe custom or pre-fabricated orthotics to compensate for

structural problems in the foot and ankle.

Stretching: Shortened muscles are a common culprit for forcing the overuse of other soft tissue structures in the foot and ankle. Stretching must be done

correctly, with the foot in the correct position, to prevent further stress to the already inflamed tissue.

Strengthening: The posterior tibial and Achilles tendons must be gradually restored in strength by working the muscles.

This must be done progressively without increasing symptoms. Other structures may also need strengthening for optimal control of the foot and the ankle.

Shoe Lifts: Leg length differences can lead to compensations and therefore inflammation. A shoe lift can compensate for the leg length difference

and therefore reduce stress on the inflamed tissue.

Anti-inflammatory Measures: Ice packs and clinical modalities such as electrical stimulation and ultrasound can be utilized to reduce inflammation.

Patient Education: Understanding the problem helps with compliance to the home program necessary to reduce the aggravating factors.