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 Setting The Standard in Physical Therapy


Post Offer Eval
Work Conditioning
Funcitonal Testing
Job Analysis

Lost days of work due to injury is an expense most companies would like to reduce.

Our goal at Professional Physical Therapy, Inc. (PPT) is to help the worker return to previous

functional activities such as work as quickly as possible after injury. It is important to seek

treatment at the first sign of pain. If the pain is allowed to persist over days, weeks, months, or

even years, chronic tissue and psychological changes can occur that add time and cost to the recovery.

All treatment at PPT is tailored to the worker’s individual needs. The purpose of treatment is to assist the worker in finding ways to control the pain.

We can treat the injured worker in the following ways:

                     Physical Therapy Services

                                      Work Conditioning

                                             Functional Capacity Evaluations

                                                          Job Analysis

                                                                 Post Offer Job Abilities Evaluation