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SI Dysfunction                   

This is a diagnosis you will rarely get from your doctor. You may have pain in the area of the "tailbone" that nobody can explain. This pain may have started after a fall, car accident, childbirth, or just insidiously started. No matter what the cause you should not have to live with the pain and we at PPT can teach you how to prevent and treat it.

There are multiple factors that contribute to your pain throughout the day and they will all be addressed throughout your treatment. The following are components that we will attempt to in any order, depending on your particular weaknesses, aggravating factors, easing factors and your level address, but they may be performed of pain with each activity.

Manual Therapy: A hands on treatment approach to decrease the various stresses on the body before exercising. This helps improve the body’s alignment prior to exercise.

Flexibility: stretches to address upper spine and lower extremity range of motion that could be placing a pull on the pelvis and creating stress on the spine.

Strengthening: to help you gain control of the lumbopelvic region. We will provide education and cueing to assure that you are performing the exercises correctly and not compensating with other muscles.

Body Mechanics: we will teach you the correct way to pick up objects off the floor, get clothes out of the washer/dryer, how to bend while brushing your teeth, shaving, etc. to control your pain with your daily activities.

Posture: we will teach you how to sit with you back/pelvis supported properly. We will help you to correct any lumbopelvic changes in sitting that may be creating a pull on the low back throughout the day. We will also address your standing posture and make any changes to decrease the stress on your low back.