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We have an experienced staff with collaborative training in manual techniques, treatment of the foot, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist/hand, and spine.  We also have additional training in Kinesio Taping, orthotics, spinal mobilization and the diagnosis and treatment of movement impairments.  We have excellent results with our technique in spinal and joint evaluation. 

Our thorough evaluations help determine the cause of the pain at the first visit and get an appropriate treatment plan for you.  Our specific exercise approach is also tailored to you. 

We have confidence in our ability to help you.  Our training and compassion will help motivate you to return to your previous lifestyle. 

We understand that pain makes everyday activities difficult and we want you to get your life back.

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Helen Pratt, P.T.     

Cindy Odle, P.T. 

 Julie Adelson P.T.  

Stephanie Rose P.T.A


Helen Pratt, B.S., P.T. is a 1970 graduate from the University of Oklahoma and owner of the clinic. She began practice in Oklahoma but soon moved to California, where she developed a private orthopedic practice. There she began her training in manual therapy. She continued to develop her manual skills with additional coursework when she moved to Oklahoma in 1978 and worked as a staff therapist at St. John  Medical Center. She organized and developed Professional Physical Therapy in 1982. She has since added further emphasis in the foot, spine, and shoulder as well as segmental stabilization of the spine and the extremities. She has taken four Sahrmann Movement Impairment Syndrome courses and continues to integrate this with multiple other approaches to orthopedic treatment. She is a lifelong swimmer and has experience in treating swimmer’s injuries.

 “Since beginning my practice in orthopedics I have firmly believed that if I treat you I can help you today; if I teach you I can help you for a lifetime.  Hastening the healing of your immediate condition is only a beginning.  If onset of your pain, balance impairment, or weakness is not traumatic, then I love the process of finding out what caused the problem.  Inborn structure, daily activities, lifestyle, vocational and recreational activities and your movement pattern are all explored in this practice setting.  What happens in the one hour we spend with you?  In our setting, we are in constant contact with our patients, improving our ability to observe and correct movement patterns that perpetuate pathology.  Our patients learn how to correct them, allow healing to occur, and prevent future injury.  We use manual techniques to assure that each joint has optimum movement (not too much, not too little). We use a multitude of techniques, including taping, which allows the neuromuscular system to adjust to a corrected movement pattern or posture. Even when the injury is the result of trauma or surgery, attention to individual structure and history allows us to optimize healing.

Functional anatomy and movement sciences are endlessly fascinating to me and I love learning new and emerging techniques.  But even more than that, I love working with my patients, who make every treatment session a blessing and an honor.”   

Cindy Odle, B.S., P.T. and M.S., H.C.A.  “After receiving my physical therapy degree from the University of Oklahoma, I worked in a general rehabilitation setting treating adults with orthopedic and neurological conditions.  In 1997, I decided to pursue my interest in becoming more specialized in the treatment of orthopedic injuries so I joined the staff of Professional Physical Therapy, Inc (PPT).

An atmosphere for learning at PPT has allowed me to advance my skills in manual techniques and expand my knowledge of movement patterns and dysfunctions to prescribe individualized treatment programs for my patients.  I enjoy contributing to my patient's progress toward personal goals of improved health and the treatment model at PPT allows me to stay actively involved in this journey.  I like the variety of treating different joints in the body and have utilized continuing education to learn new treatment approaches.

My family and I have been involved in running for several years so I have taken additional courses to assist in treating runner's injuries that can be frustrating for those who are accustomed to being active.”

Julie Adelson, P.T., is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma.  She first began working in Dallas, Texas at Presbyterian Hospital.  After moving to Tulsa she worked at Professional Physical Therapy for two years before leaving to raise her four children.  Since rejoining PPT in 2012 she has taken over 200 hours of continuing education courses.  Julie is a member of the APTA and the Orthopedics Section.

“I have always had a passion for movement and exercise.  I am an avid triathlete and completed my first Ironman in 2010.  I am currently a board member of the Tulsa Area Triathletes and president-elect for 2018 and 2019.  As a licensed physical therapist with a special interest in exercise and sports science, I incorporate evidence-based practice into all the interventions with all of my patients whether or not they are involved with athletics.  The human movement system is fascinating to me.  I attended training at Washington University in St. Louis for Dr. Sahrmann’s approach to movement impairment syndromes.  I also have experience with running/footwear analysis from working in a specialty store and attending running continuing education classes.  Whatever the diagnosis, I am committed to returning my patients to their prior level of function.  I am an advocate for wellness and enjoy helping my patients understand what to expect during physical therapy as well as giving them the tools to maximize their own recovery. 

I am fortunate to return to working at PPT, an incredible environment for learning and promoting evidence-based practice in physical therapy.  I especially love helping patients return to their jobs and hobbies after an injury, an experience I can relate to training for triathlons!”

Stephanie Rose, P.T.A. is a 1993 graduate of Tulsa Community College. She has been a member of the PPT staff since 1996. She has received additional training in Sahrmann Movement Impairment Syndromes and myofascial release techniques. She has attended Isernhagen Workwell Training to teach patients to safely perform their job duties.


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