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 Setting The Standard in Physical Therapy


Low Back Pain
Knee Pain
SI Dysfunction
Shoulder Pain
Neck Pain
Foot and Ankle

Treatments May Include:

Modalities: Treatment options that help to reduce symptoms by applying heat, cold or stimulation to the involved area to assist in gaining flexibility before treatment and to help in pain control.

Manual Therapy: A hands on treatment approach to improve body alignment prior to exercise.

Exercise: Home exercise programs are designed to address deficits in strength, range of motion, balance, and flexibility. We spend one on one time with each patient to ensure proper form and

technique is utilized to get desired outcome.

Ergonomic education: Provides instruction to the correct way to perform daily activities in order to decrease the risk of injury. Education may include the proper way to get out of bed or out of a chair

and will likely include correct lifting techniques.

Balance Training: A variety of exercises designed to improve balance and therefore reduce the risk of falls.

Gait Training: Improving safety and correcting movements that contribute to dysfunction and therefore symptoms.

Orthotic casting, design and selection: When structural changes occur in the foot it is important to provide an orthotic that minimizes compensation and reduces overuse injuries in other areas of the body.

Assessment is ongoing to maximize the desired outcomes of our clients.