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 Setting The Standard in Physical Therapy



What to Expect From Physical Therapy 


During your first visit a therapist will evaluate you.


You and the therapist will work together to form a treatment program specifically for you.


We will address your pain with any of the following treatments:

Modalities      Manual Therapy         Exercise

                        Ergonomics   Balance Training       Gait Training


It is important to know that you and your therapist will work together for you to regain control of your pain.  In order to do this your therapist will need a line of open communication, as well as compliance

to perform a home program.  Some things we may request are:


For you to note how a treatment or exercise affects you or your symptoms. 


Physical therapy requires your active participation in order to progress. It is important that you are consistent with your exercise. Improving mobility and strength are not only of vital importance

          in recovery but in maintenance and prevention as well.