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 Setting The Standard in Physical Therapy



Work Conditioning: Work specific tasks performed to help prepare the worker to meet the physical demands of the job while also training the worker to avoid harmful movement patterns.

The program consists of education, exercise and work specific activities to improve strength, endurance, flexibility, and motor control.

Flexibility: There are often times, muscle imbalances and tightness present. Working in an incorrect posture will worsen the imbalances instead of helping.

Strength: Weakness contributes to continued exacerbation of pain and specific exercises will be designed to help strengthen multiple joints to help stabilize and/or to decrease compensation at the injured area.

Endurance: Exercise machines and functional activities are used to improve endurance with the worker gradually increasing their time in the clinic to help build-up tolerance to work activities.

Coordination: The ability to maintain balance and perform smooth coordinated movements are critical in decreasing the risk of exacerbation and/or re-injury.